Am I getting hopeless?

As i told that my next blog post will be about hopelessness,i am here with it.You can read my introductory blog,their is nothing special their but if you read it you will get to know some things about me and my posts.


Now coming to the point , are you hopeless? the answer is “yes”, do not panic I said that because is you are reading this post it means you need help (and according to you, you are hopeless).

Actually, usually this happens at the age of 18 and lasts according to the person. it may start before according to situation. people loose interest in the work they like and think that they  can’t acheive anything.

In my case also it happened(to be honest—–it still happens but not frequently). Let me tell you one thing, if you already googled about your problem and read many posts,then it will not work till you apply those ideas,I know internet is full of geniuses and i am a new comer, people with experience better than me are also there, but it doesn’t mean that i become hopeless. Think about your palm,are all the fingers equal? now this is the best example everyone gives, but people hear that one day and remove that from their minds the other day,the world is like this only my friend. My teacher once told me that everyone studies but the one who retains everything he studied ,scores good.

Don’t be hopeless. Forget the things which makes you hopeless & remember the things that motivates you.

If people around you make you hopeless then don’t bother them, the best way to make them silent(according to my experience) is, go in front of the person and prove your point. if its not your mistake then you must shut off their mouths. If nothing works then directly say them, it’s none of your concern, why you don’t mind your own business, or are you expert at insulting everyone ……….hahaha, this will surely work,it worked for me also. I know the person may be an elder also but when a pan gets heated too much,its better to turn off the flame,otherwise you will harm yourself . And if they point out on your character and manners,don’t care and be happy about the problem which is gone now. When you will get success then no one will talk about your past ,their will be only your acheivement in front of everyone.

When parents are making you hopeless

Here are two situations, either you are wrong or they are wrong.Believe me mostly we are wrong because of our own ego and arrogancy.

Mostly young age people like students have this situation.They consider parents as their enemy but that is not good.

It is clear that you cannot talk to them in the way i mentioned earlier,and you must never argue with them.But it is the fact according to me that without arguing no none listens to you.Argue with them but in  a polite manner happily,so that it does not hurt them.

Do the things which i am telling in  a very cool mind.

Firstly find out the problem,think about the words,the habits you don’t like about your parents. And remember that your parents have the right to say you anything,by thinking this you will cut off some habits from your list.They have experienced many things in life,it’s not an easy thing to be a parent.Think about yourself when you will reach at their age.It happened with me also,i always use to get angry when they talk with me when i was hopeless,its the habit of every youngsters like me.

After finding out the problems ,move to them and ask them(when they are in a happy normal mood) “am i really a looser for you?,do you really think that i can’t do anything in life?,am i a complete failure to you?”.They will never say “Yes” to your questions.Instead they will tell you your faults and mistakes which are hindering you.They will also tell you the ways to enhance yourself.


After this all,listen to what they say and be neutral,don’t be angry to anything they say.Then start discussing the problems with them.Tell them that you become hopeless due to those habits and talks.And ask them for help.

Never run away from your parents,because they are the only one who are happy with your success and believe me my friend ,nobody in this world is happy when you succeed,not even your own relatives. Parents seek no profit from their child in any way. No one can ever take their place,and you will realise this soon.

One more thing , when you are hopeless,make yourself busy,this is not the new thing i am telling you but this works,i have applied that in my own life.And i only share those things which i have followed.

That’s all for now…soon i will write a small article on ,”What to do if failure is the reason of my hopelessness?”.

Thanks to all my readers………….keep supporting.

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First blog post

Introduction to my blog

This is my first blog post.I have experienced many situations in life and i think i should help people based on my experience.I am new to blogging ,so please ignore my minor mistakes(hope u all understand).And i thank to everyone who is reading my post, maybe some of you are reading it for fun but that’s ok ,atleast you are giving me time from your life.

Here are some important things  that i want to say before i publish my further blogs, hope you will understand them:

Everything that i share ,guide or tell in my blogs is based completely on my own experiences and all of these are my personal thoughts. No one is bounded to follow my advices or guidance.If you like something,then you may try and apply in your life on your own responsibility.

Now i am saying all this ,but that doesn’t mean i am going to tell you how to make a atom bomb   hahahah. But as i told i am new ,so i don’t want to be unsecure on any side.

My first main post will be about “Hopelessness”.I will try my best. You may suggest me topics on which i should guide or help you if you want in comments.


That’s all for now…………the real content will published  soon…….

Have a good day………