First blog post

Introduction to my blog

This is my first blog post.I have experienced many situations in life and i think i should help people based on my experience.I am new to blogging ,so please ignore my minor mistakes(hope u all understand).And i thank to everyone who is reading my post, maybe some of you are reading it for fun but that’s ok ,atleast you are giving me time from your life.

Here are some important things  that i want to say before i publish my further blogs, hope you will understand them:

Everything that i share ,guide or tell in my blogs is based completely on my own experiences and all of these are my personal thoughts. No one is bounded to follow my advices or guidance.If you like something,then you may try and apply in your life on your own responsibility.

Now i am saying all this ,but that doesn’t mean i am going to tell you how to make a atom bomb   hahahah. But as i told i am new ,so i don’t want to be unsecure on any side.

My first main post will be about “Hopelessness”.I will try my best. You may suggest me topics on which i should guide or help you if you want in comments.


That’s all for now…………the real content will published  soon…….

Have a good day………


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